Post-Grunge meets Rock’n’Roll

Phantone are four musicians out of Munich, Germany and have been the insider tip in the southern German rock scene since 2017. The music is influenced by the grunge era of the 90s as well as by bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. Powerful, memorable melodies, virtuoso guitar playing and a sophisticated rhythm section make the band a special live experience. Phantone have just released their debut album "Phantone One" and are now bringing it to the stages of the world.





Press & Reviews

...“A driving mix of stoner rock and grunge elements, this Munich based band attaches particular importance to catchy arrangements and hellish grooves that appeal to both head and belly with a transparent, powerful sound“...

Rock Hard

...“An unstoppable drummer, a screaming guitar, a lead-heavy bass and an oscillating voice, sometimes from a distance, then at the front again ... even just briefly listening in, one can feel this violent and enduring locomotive sweepsing you along and not letting go so easily... like a loud staccato against the deadlock of established styles.“...

Maximilian Beer, Rock Review

...“Phantone, the sound into another dimension ... Such lust does not seek success. Such lust celebrates the moment. And anyone who has ever been able to experience this moment knows the power of rock music, which, as a surrogate of post-rock, prog-rock, grunge and other varieties of an ever-rising rock culture, is discharged into this Phantone. This tone still lingers long after one was lucky enough to hear it.“...

Dates & Concerts

Date Venue
28.10.2021 Phantone + Apian Backstage Club
20.02.2020 Muffatwerk Ampere „Munich Rocks“
01.02.2020 Backstage Club with "The Lucky Punch" and "Raging Sloth"
09.11.2019 XBar Konzert
01.08.2019 Theatron Olympiapark München
27.07.2019 XBar Straßenfest
30.03.2019 Soundcheck Milbertshofen
04.04.2019 8 Below Munich
06.10.2018 Backstage Munich
27.06.2018 XBar Straßenfest
22.06.2018 8Below Munich
26.08.2017 Cord Club Munich
03.04.2017 Backstage Club


Phantone Music
Ben Knabe
Görresstr. 29
80798 München